Why choose our products?

SLVE Inc. is exclusive manufacturer of firearm holsters for automatic and semi? automatic pistols, specifically designed for use by law enforcement officers and military personnel.

This innovative new holster design, classified as a Level IV ( 4 ), offers not only a safer weapon containment configuration, but also a new loading feature. After more than a year of research and development, a radically new three point, spring?loaded lock release concept has been created, based on the natural finger position when a police officer’s hand is placed on the pistol grip of their weapon when holstered.


The holster can be equipped with one, two or three release buttons for added safety. The first button is pressed with the index finger and is located in the middle of the holster. The second button is pressed by the middle finger, located below the index finger button. Both buttons are clearly shown in Fig. 1. The third button is pressed by the thumb and is located on the other side of the holster, as shown in Fig. 2.

The holster has a slider which aligns with the breechblock of the firearm, enabling the user to load the weapon “within” the holster. In order to release the slider component of the holster, all of the buttons have to be pressed. This process is shown in Fig. 3.1 & 3.2. The initial position is Fig. 3.1, once the buttons are pressed in allows the user to load the weapon, by pressing down on the weapon and holster, which temporarily places the holster in the position in Fig. 3.2. Once completely pressed down, the holster (& weapon) return to its rest position in Fig. 3.1 however the weapon is now loaded.


The location of the buttons is based on the proper handgrip of the weapon when holstered. This translates to added security without inconvenience or impracticality. The average time tested for a weapon in the holster to be loaded, removed and have fired the first shot is around 0.5 seconds. The average time tested for a loaded weapon to be removed and have fired the first shot is around 0.35 seconds. This is a significant improvement when compared to traditional duty holsters.

It would appear as though significant retraining would be required to use the holster, however practice has shown that the time to get completely comfortable with the release buttons and the features is very low. Throughout our experience, no individual has taken longer than 5 minutes to master the holster. However SLVE strongly recommends for any user to practice with the holster, to ensure that the user knows exactly the location of the buttons and is able to properly load and remove the weapon from the holster.

In the situation that the arm of the user be damaged or obstructed such that the user cannot access the holster, the other arm easily crosses over and is able to press all of the buttons (regardless if it’s a one, two or three button holster). This is shown in Fig. 4.1 and 4.2 and should also be practiced prior to use.


The holster can be equipped with up to three buttons, protecting the weapon within the holster from 5 points. The “lock points” are located on opposite sides of the holster to maximize protection. Because the buttons’ location is based on the natural hand grip of the user, their location is very uncomfortable for an outsider and is nearly impossible to reach while the user is alert. This almost nullifies the risk of unauthorized weapon removal from the user. It also minimizes the risk of carrying a loaded weapon, due to the security of the holster.

The holster also enables the user to quickly load the weapon and remove from the holster. As discussed earlier, the average time for an unloaded weapon to be loaded, removed and be ready to fire is very quick. This function gives the user the opportunity to carry the weapon unloaded, since it can be made ready to fire almost instantaneously. Combined with the other safety features of the holster, the risk of accidental discharge is almost eliminated.

The holster has a loading function but does not give the user access to the trigger until the weapon is removed. In addition the holster allows the user to remove the magazine from the weapon, as shown in Fig. 5. This feature effectively lets the user to completely unload the weapon, without risk of accidental firing due to inability to access the trigger.

A number of studies have shown that the index finger button is dangerous due to the fact that when the user is under stress, the index finger slides from the button to the trigger zone during the removal of the weapon from the holster, resulting in an accident. The holster designed by SLVE has addressed this issue by including a ledge near the index finger button. The holster body is longer than the average holster, thus when the trigger is first revealed from the holster the index finger is still safely on the holster body. As shown in Fig. 6.1 through 6.4, the ledge also directs the finger away from the trigger zone and unto the breechblock is a safe position.

The body of the holster is also bigger than most other holsters as it covers the weapon almost entirely. This protects the weapon from being knocked out of the holster by impact as well as limits the effect of the weather conditions on the weapon, prolonging its use.

Due to the unique features the holster has to be customized to each type of firearm, and should only be used for the designated type of firearm. The innovative design allows for accommodation of a large variety of handguns. The safety holster can hold any semi?automatic and automatic handgun and includes, but not limited to, the following handguns:

  • Glock (holster model shown for Glock 17(C)/18/22(C)/31(C)/37)
  • Beretta PX4 Storm
  • Berretta 92-F
  • Browning HiPower
  • Smith and Wesson 5946
  • SIG Sauer P225/226/229
  • Colt
  • Springfield XD

If you are interested in a gun holster for a type of gun which is not listed, please contact the SLVE staff to inquire if such a holster can possibly be made. Please note that the safety holster cannot be used on a revolver?type handgun.