About us

SLVE Inc. is an exclusive manufacturer of firearm holsters for automatic and semi- automatic pistols, specifically designed for use by law enforcement officers and military personnel.

Our company is dedicated to developing and manufacturing quality innovative products. The wealth of military experience as well as extensive technological background enables us to design and create cutting-edge products for law enforcement and military personnel.

Having worked with firearms first hand, we understand the various requirements and consequently various adjustments that have to be made to the equipment. This has motivated us to create highly flexible designs for any of our products.

Each user will have a unique opinion or request with regards to the design, and we are very excited to be able to mend our products in order to achieve the desired effect.

Our latest innovation is a self-loading gun holster which can be customized to any automatic or semi-automatic handgun. The base model is a Level IV safety rating however it can also be customized to a Level III, II or I.

We are very excited about the product and we look forward to customizing it to your need.

SLVE Specialty Equipment Manufacturing Inc. was founded with a determination to provide innovative and effective tools for the use of law enforcement and military personnel.

That effort combined with the team’s strong militaristic and technological backgrounds has resulted in the design of the first product, the self-loading holster.

SLVE Specialty Equipment Manufacturing Inc.