Safety Holster for Browning HP

Innovative technology developed for the duty holster has been taken a step further to create a new blend of efficiency and effectiveness.

One button under the index finger unlocks a patented lock system which enables the user to perform the loading function or remove the weapon. Until the index finger button is fully depressed, the secure locking mechanism securely holds the firearm within the holster.

This significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access or weapon falling out during motion or contact. In this closed position, the inside of the holster is completely protected from external elements.

Once the button is pressed, it allows the holster to be expanded allowing the bullet from the magazine to be loaded into the chamber.

The motion also reveals a number of openings which allow the inside of the holster to be cleaned easily. Once the button is pressed, the firearm can be removed with ease.

Fact sheet

Dimensions: 300mm X 155mm
Weight: 250 gram (0.551 pounds)
Product brochure (PDF)
Colors: black, sand, military green

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